My Go To Rigs For This Season

My go to rigs for this season are the very well known hinge stiff and a balanced bait rig.

Hinge Stiff

Let’s start with the hinge stiff, so the reason this is so popular in my armoury it’s now what I would class as old skool.

With the amount of different pop up rigs being tied currently I’ve decided that keeping it simple is the best way. I try to apply that in all my fishing otherwise it can get too complicated and I spend more time wracking my brains as to why I’ve blanked or felt that i should of had a run, but hasn’t does that mean it’s tangled? So to tie my hinge stiff I use a stiff boom section this is normally Tranzlusion Fluorocarbon in 20lb from Deception Angling. I want it kicking well away from the lead. I then use their Reform Chod Link again in 20lb. I start by taking the Chod Link and doubling it over, I then slide on my rig swivel then feed the two tag ends through the back of the eye of one of their size 6 Chod SWG hooks. Once that is slid down enough I create a D on the back of the eye and pull it down tight! This helps with keeping the natural curve of the Chod Link. Then I get an O-ring swivel feed the tag ends through to my desired height then just simply pinch the Chod Link creating a kink. This helps keep it all in place. I then simply tie a one turn blood knot, pull tight with rig puller, trim the tag end and blob with a lighter. I then get my putty and I mould it around the barrel of the O-ring swivel. Then it’s time for the boom section as I said I use the Tranzlusion fluorocarbon I simply tie this on to the O-ring swivel using a grinner knot. I then slide on an anti tangle sleeve, then tie a simple figure of 8 over hand knot and it’s job done!

The Balanced Bait Rig

Right, let’s get on to the most simple rig to tie yet brilliant as its so versatile!

The balanced bait rig. For this I use a size 6 D-XCurve shank hook, Tranzlusion fluorocarbon and I simple thread the fluorocarbon through the eye of the hook and tie a simple knotless knot. Pull tight then trim the tag end. Then I get a rig swivel and slide that onto the shank of the hook followed by a hook bead. The hook bead wants to be level with the barb of the hook and then I add a small bit of putty about and inch away from the eye of the hook this I find just helps with the hook turn. Again I tie a simple figure of 8 over hand knot at the end to connect to my quick link swivel and it’s job done! Now what I love about this rig is you can use it for so many things. So I’ve used it in the past for just a wafter, wafter topped with a fake piece of corn, a bottom bait or a snowman. So it really does give you options to change things up just simply by using a bit of bait floss. I’ve had numerous fish on both of these rigs and they are the ones that I will use most of this season!

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