Limousine In France, To A Lake That is Steeped In History

Hello to everyone and I hope you are all staying safe!

It is a privilege to be asked to do a blog for the new owners at Carp Couture, a company that I really enjoy the ethos of being a part of. This is my first blog.

I ‘m going to start with a trip to the Limousine in France. To a lake that is steeped in history, dating right back to the monks. It’s a mature, tree-lined lake with huge beds of lilies. Not that we could see them because it is the end of March. We were hoping to get a few big ones after their winter slumber. Our timing was off by a week or two. The anglers from the previous weeks did some outstanding angling, our backs were already against the wall. But that’s fishing! It just makes my drive and determination higher. We started with a draw on the dam wall and yep! You guessed it – yours truly was 8 out of 8!

Never fearing, there is 42 acres and 16 swims. The first three nights were in a deep part, fishing to the centre pads. The fish were there but I just didn’t feel it. I did manage a little common, but I had been watching them jumping and rolling in the deeper end of the lake.

So, with not many opportunities of a move because all the lads fishing with us were pushing me closer to the shallower water. I was aware of where I needed to be but just couldn’t get near. The weather was totally different from the last 2 weeks, we had high pressure and clear blues skies, sunny days and cold nights. There were fish in the deeper water, so I decided to roll the dice and move. With the threat of COVID-19 on my mind my phone was non-stop with messages from concerned friends and family. I was nice to get a break to move and start afresh.

I got myself settled in my new swim, it felt good to sit with a cider knowing that I had about 6-8 acres to myself and with just my 3 hook baits in the water. Only I could see the carp jumping, fizzing up, I was like a kid in a sweet shop. That evening just after dinner had been delivered to the swim, my left rod was away. The move was worth the effort, even for a small one. That night the temperature dropped and the following morning I was up taking pictures of the superb sunrises at cold mornings bring. Still, with my camera in my hand, my right rod pulled tight. After a furious battle, I saw a heavily scaled linear almost in my net. And then my left-hand rod was in meltdown!

With pictures done and the rods back out I was able to enjoy the afternoon sun. I had another little mirror on my right-hand rod around mid-afternoon. Just after dinner, my right rod produced a lovely common at 2 oz under 40 lb. What a fantastic 24 hours!

Now we knew that this would be our last night because the journey home would be chaos with the borders starting to be closed. That night I managed a small Catfish on my middle rod. This rod was in the deepest water of my swim. The same rod was away again at first light, but this is where my luck ran out. Unfortunately, I hook pulled what felt like a monster (don’t they always!)

I received one more bite before the dreaded pack down, but this carp managed to find sanctuary and won the battle. My luck had ended! Then it was time to hit the road for home and make it to the border.

My stay at Chateau Moulin was in the rear-view mirror. Our trip was cut off 48 hours early, but this keeps the fire burning for now. I will get my revenge!

Check out the new Carp Couture website www.carpcouture.com that’s all  From me, Paul Hobbs and everyone at Carp Couture. Until next time, Stay safe and keep it Couture, it won’t be long until we are on the bank again!

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