Carp Fishing in the River

Carp Fishing in the River,                                                                                                                by Toni Lopez Team Manager Carp Couture Spain

When I plan a session in the river there are many questions that come to mind, will a lot of current go down? Will algae go down? Will the cloudy water go down?

In my case I usually fish in waters of the Ebro, the Cinca and the Segre.

Without a doubt my best ally is the boat because of the multiple possibilities it offers me: probing, taking the lines to exact position where to leave the baits, using leads that would be impossible to fish since I use leads of up to 400 grams.

Because the river can sometimes be dangerous, I always try to fish with a partner who is always a great help to get the lines out with the boat and for any setback that may occur.


In the cases in winch surface algae are lowered, the use of the rear leads can be of great help, in this way we will save the algae that come from the surface.
As a last resort we can fish with aerial lines, a well-know option in Ebro waters by cat fishing fishermen, it is about taking the lines in the boat without losing tension and tying it with a very fine monofilament to some overhang of the vegetation, In this way the main line does not directly touch the water, only the last section of the line enters the water along with the lead and the bait, when we have a bite the fine monofilament breaks and we can already fight with the fish.

As for priming and baiting, I use salty and sweet flavors whether they are micro pellets, pellets or boilies all from the massive baits brand with which I collaborate. The boat allows us to bait just above the stance or the marker.

In short sessions I choose to bait with less quantity and highlight the hook boilie along with pva bags and dips.
In longer sessions I prefer to bait with more intensity the first days and bait the following days depending on the activity of the fish in the feed.

The boat gives you the advantage of receiving every time you take the exact points where you are fishing.

If we fish without a boat we will look for the small backwaters that are created on the banks of the river, small areas that house fish that seek tranquillity and food.

In these backwaters I fish in a more simplified way using smaller weights and mesh or pva bags without making much noise so that the fish in the area do not flee.

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